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Bubble Trouble: December Edition

How much booty is too much booty?

Your question is general af. Is there such a thing as too much booty? No, of course not. People can have all sizes of booties and they are all beautiful. However, I fear that you ask this question not with intention of asking about booty size, booty justice and booty love. You may have asked this question rather because you are wondering whether there are limits to the number of women that you can objectify without repercussions. Haha, what a funny joke!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry-not-sorry to inform you that it is not a very nice thing to do to minimize women into booties to be discussed as if they are not attached to a human person with a name.  You do not have any right to anyone else’s booty. So, technically speaking, all booties except yours is too much booty. BUTT you do have a right to enjoy booty as a concept, as a beautiful bodily form that exists in the world, and probably on every person you love. I enjoy booty. I enjoy my friends’ booties. I have probably enjoyed your booty. But that doesn’t mean I can objectify the people that those booties belong to.

If you’re asking about wearing short shorts and being concerned that there is a certain amount of booty hanging out that is too much then my answer is NO! There is never an amount of booty that is too much booty!

Enjoy the booty in the world, but don’t be mean plz!!


How do you gracefully remove someone from your life?

Removing toxic people from your life can be incredibly important in taking care of yourself and learning how to set boundaries. I do not feel like I have the expertise to answer your question in the specific way that takes into consideration the context of who and where and why you are removing this person from your life. The advice that I would give myself, is to think about this process as a practice of setting very clear boundaries. If you are committed to not seeing this person in your daily life, you need to gather some support for yourself in order to make the process go smoothly, and maybe even gracefully (although I don’t know if that’s guaranteed with any removal of a person from your life). Tell your community (friends, roommates, etc.) and ask them for help if you need it. If it is a situation where you would feel empowered by telling the person that they are not allowed in your life anymore, then work on a message to that person, or talk to them in person and explain what you want (perhaps bringing a friend or a mediator would help).

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