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Power, Race, and Privilege Symposium: Round Two

On Saturday, February 18, Quest will host the second iteration of the Power, Race, and Privilege Symposium (PRPS). The symposium aims to engage Quest students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general public, in discussions of how systemic, institutional, and interpersonal racial oppression manifests and intersects with other forms of inequality and discrimination.

Mari Piggott, SRC Minister of Human Rights and one of the lead-organizers of the PRPS this year, commented on the reasons behind running the symposium for a second time. “It was hugely successful last year. It started to open up space for dialogue around issues that should be, but are not always, front and central in Quest conversations,” Piggott said.

The symposium will include speakers who are academics, activists, faculty, and students on a variety of topics. This year the PRPS team is pushing to draw in student speakers. Last year, student speakers had their own panel, were not paid and, according to Piggott, it was hard to get students to commit. This year student speakers will be incorporated into the various panels and be compensated $150 each for their presentations. A student presentation will be 15 minutes long and can include, but is not limited to, past academic projects, experiential learning, keystone projects, or personal experiences. “There are so many people who have thought about this stuff in depth, done cool work on topics of race and oppression on campus and we want an opportunity to showcase that,” said Piggott of finding student speakers.


The PRPS panels will be:

Racialized Masculinities;

Intersectionality and Body Justice;

Incorporating Indigenous Ways of Knowing into Post-Secondary Education;

The Class, Gender, and Racial Dynamics of Outdoor sports;

Immigrant and Migrant Rights in a Canadian Context;

and The Intersections of Class and Race in the Metro Vancouver Area.

The PRPS team is still looking for students speakers, and will host an info session on Tuesday, December 6, at 4:15PM in the Lumen Room for those interested. Other speakers for the symposium have yet to be finalized—the team is open to hearing recommendations from students and encourages students who might have personal connections with academics, experts, or activists to speak with the symposium coordinators. If students would like to get involved with the various committees working to organize the event, they are also encouraged to contact any of the event coordinators.


PRPS coordinators: Ellis Greenberg (, Bella Lyne (, and Mari Piggott (

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