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First Year Varsity Soccer Profiles

With Quest hosting Pacwest Provincials at the end of October, both the men’s and women’s soccer teams are hoping to make the regular season cut-off to qualify for the tournament. Currently, the men’s team record is 2-4-1, putting them third in the league, while the women are sitting in last place with a 1-4-2, record . Only the top four teams in the division qualify for a provincial spot. While the men’s team is fighting to defend their position, the women are battling Langara to secure the coveted fourth spot in the tournament.

Quest’s men’s team has recruited four incoming students , while the women’s team has recruited three. To understand better how the new recruits are poised to make an impact on their teams, we posed a few questions to get to know them better.


Aidan Haigh

Hometown: Saltspring Island, BC
Position: Attacking mid / wing
Biggest strength: Creativity on the pitch.

Jacob Lorenz

Hometown: Richmond, BC
Position: Center back
Biggest strength: “The biggest strength in my game is my heart and soul, every time I step on the pitch I leave everything out there and refuse to quit.”

Josef Rebalkin

Hometown: Pitt Meadows, BC
Position: Center mid
Biggest strength: His ability to read the game.

Wylie Suda

Hometown: Demming, Washington
Position: Center mid or center defense
Biggest strength: Physicality, awareness, and ability to distribute the ball to teammates.



Camilla Petterson

Hometown: Eagle, Colorado
Position: Defending center mid
Biggest Strength: Controlling the ball/pace of game in the middle of the field and distributing the ball to teammates.

Cailan Gardner

Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Position: Attacking center mid
Biggest Strength: Motivation to take people on 1v1 and competitive mindset.

Rayna Smith-Marshall

Hometown: Surrey, BC
Position: Dynamic – Midfield, wide forward, striker
Biggest Strength: Understanding of the game, technical skill, and strength in the box.

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