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Corbin, FKA Spooky Black has been on the Soundcloud scene and the fringes of mainstream consciousness since 2014. His name change coincided with the release of Couch Potato, a collaborative project that he dropped with artist Bobby Raps in 2015.

Mourn is the first solo project released under the new identity, and the concise, 41-minute album delivers in every sense of the word. From the jump, the project is gritty and lethargic. ICE BOY is a love song at its core, albeit a troubled one. From there, Corbin moves on to themes of revenge and loneliness on tracks like “No Title” and “Revenge Song”. “Something Safe” exemplifies those themes, and also has the only feature on the album—Bay Area rapper, Antwon. His delivery is overly articulated, startling in contrast to Corbin’s groaning delivery on many of his other tracks.

It would be an incomplete review to neglect the production on this album. Shlomo of WEDIDIT Records served as the lead producer, and if you are familiar with his solo work, the style is immediately apparent. The industrial grinding, mixed with high synths is a constant reminder of who is behind the boards on this album.

This project is cohesive in tone, content, and production throughout. If you’ve never heard Corbin before, this would be a great place to start before working backwards through his Spooky Black discography.

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