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Something To Tell You by HAIM

Did you feel like all the albums that dropped this summer were too inappropriate to play in front of your grandparents? Do your roommates hate that you play country music? Do you love sister bands?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then Something To Tell You by HAIM is the album for you. If you answered no to these questions, this is still the album for you. If you hadn’t thought about any of these questions before, this is definitely the album for you.

It’s impossible to pinpoint what the best part of this album is since every single song is a hit. It will play on repeat and you’ll never get bored. Whether in the shower, the car, or while making dinner, you and your grandparents alike will be jamming to literally every. single. one. of these songs. The soft rock with a hint of bluegrass riffs will feed the country soul and even your roommates who “don’t like country” won’t know what hit them. The relatable lyrics about navigating love and relationships will speak to any confused millennial. But even if you’re not confused, give this album a listen— it will be the most enjoyable album since The E.N.D. and the best break from trap you’ve ever had.

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