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Hot or Not: October 2017

This month, Arts Bay coordinator Elly Grant cleared her busy schedule for an exclusive interview about arts on campus. While entered the conversation with our usual critical approach, Elly left us feeling excited and optimistic about the year to come. After an unprecedented unanimous team vote, the Arts Bay is the hottest new trend of October 2017, joining the ranks among sour beer, recreating your parents’ 80s photographs, and the general process of fermentation.

Tala: I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and brief us about what’s in store for the Arts Bay. What do you do to keep yourself humble given the incredible responsibility placed on your shoulders?

Elly: Being humble starts with taking a bath every day, ridding yourself of any egotism. I like to start my days off fresh. Other than that, I talk to a lot of people and see what the people need for the space, trying to get as much input as possible.

T: So what is the Arts Bay

E: The Arts Bay is Quest’s only visual art focused space on this entire campus. We provide materials for students and run events and workshops. Our materials are funded by the SRC and range from drawing supplies, painting supplies, collage, and some odd miscellaneous items like googly eyes, clay, and plaster.

T: What’s the weirdest material currently in the Art’s Bay?

E: Right now we have some driftwood which may be useful but it’s just sitting on the shelf. I don’t really know what it’s there for. We also have these dots. I don’t know if you remember as a child, playing with those little office sticker dots, but those to me are super weird because they have no real use.

T: I’ve never really thought about it – why do they even make those?

E: I have a feeling someone just got bored one day and wanted to practice their color wheel so they made green, red, yellow and blue dots.

T: And then manufactured them on a mass scale and sold them throughout the world?

E: Yeah,

T: Back on topic, as a campus style icon, how does your personal taste get reflected in what you offer to the student body?

E: This is a great question, because this morning I was looking on the Quest Arts Bay Instagram account (@questartsbay) where we post about a lot of our events and workshops. I have a very graphic, very cartoony style in my artwork and you can tell the switch in visual aesthetic from previous years. For me, the color is a way to say, “hey, the space is here, we have something to offer, and we want you to be welcomed and included in everything the Arts Bay has to offer.”

T: What’s your grand vision for the arts bay?

E: Bigger space! The admissions office does not need to be that big, it’s literally a room of couches – why not make that the Arts Bay? Really though, since I’m a fourth year, I want to make sure that the Arts Bay continues to exist at Quest and that someone every year is going to step up and say “Hey, I want to make this space the best it can be.” Another thing on my agenda is collaborating with different groups and spaces on campus. Really that’s the dream, to make it a more integrated part of campus life.

T: What are the hottest upcoming workshops?

E: We hold a figure drawing session the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each block in the Media Room. We are in the process of planning a button making workshop, block printing, sewing, a natural dyeing workshop, jewelry making and more. We are looking to find people interested in running workshops in the space.

T: This all sounds incredible, when can I come use the Arts Bay?

E: The arts bay is open every weekday from 4pm to 8pm. Except Fridays we close at 7pm. Check out our Facebook page: Quest Arts Bay, and look for posters about weekend hours, workshops and events.

T: Any last words you’d like to include for our readers?

E: Just that the Arts Bay fills a void in the academic and visual arts infrastructure and this space is really important for students to feel connected to the arts outside of classes.

NOT = Taking rubber CSA boxes without returning them. This trend was very much 2016 – let’s step out of the dinosaur age.

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