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Socks are possibly the most undervalued fashion accessory of all time. As the snow starts to fall and the sliver of bare skin between your very-boring ankle socks and your very-trendy above-the-ankle pants starts to freeze, resist the urge to switch to boots and long pants. Instead, let the bright colors of these socks lift you up and carry you through the dark days of winter.

  1. Treat Yourself Color-Block Sock

You only live once, so contrary to popular opinion, $18 metallic mustard socks are actually very important. These are for the Monday of week 4 when you wake up feeling like — now you can drag yourself out of bed when you remember you own the same socks as Leandra Medine. Also, wearing a definitively warm/autumn colorway with Very Serious chunky black boots or loafers is a solid yet accessible Fall Fashion Feat. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Liza Sparkle Sock, Caramel + Mustard, $18

  1. Party Sock

This glittery black sock is understated, but still ready for a night out on the town (or the world’s smallest college campus). Although these socks can be incorporated into an everyday outfit — maybe peeking out over little black boots or white sneakers — they also deserve to be worn under ankle-strap heels with a full glitter look.

Out from Under Sparkle Party Anklet Sock, Urban Outfitters, $12

  1. Rihanna x Stance Sock

These are the most affordable thing Rihanna has ever designed and that alone should make you down to buy them sight unseen. However, she does have some upsetting ‘broke bitch’ toe socks, which look like they belong in Forever 21’s clearance section. I’d steer towards the simple, art-hoe-ish CLF tube socks. A portion of your purchase goes towards fighting global poverty.

Mens CLF Rihanna x Stance, $14

  1. Go Big or Go Home: Very Overpriced Sock

Everything about Totokaelo, the high-end minimalist fashion boutique with locations in Seattle and New York, screams “You’re not cool or rich enough to be in here and you never will be but now that you’ve had a taste you’ll probably die trying.” Anyways, ignore your overwhelming feeling of self-doubt and pursue a New York Look with these Marni rust-and-pink wool-and-silk socks made in Italy. This is an embarrassing amount of money to spend on socks and you probably shouldn’t buy these but, just saying, Rihanna just came out with cleated creepers in this exact colorway.

Marni Rust Sock, Totokaelo, $78

***Editor’s note: Anna appears to own very few pairs of fun or stylish socks. Sometimes she wears a pair of banana-print socks, but only to sleep, which is weird. She also has a cute pair of dolphin socks (credit to Finn West) but they’re ankle socks so they rarely get shown off. We are not sure why we let Anna write this article. She is not a sock or style expert in any way.

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