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New Recruits

The Quest Kermodes basketball teams are off to a slow start this season. The men’s record at time of writing is 2 wins and 4 losses, while the women’s team sits at a 3-3. Despite the early season losses, Quest men’s head coach Alexander Van Samang remains optimistic. In his words, “A lot of the other teams have returning guys, and we have 1 or 2. As we keep playing we will get better.” He compares the Quest line-up to other teams in the league, suspecting that the other teams have already peaked, while the Quest teams are still approaching their potential for the season.

Part of the challenge for any team in the early season is integrating their new recruits with the existing team. This sentiment rings especially true for the men’s team, who have recruited six new players this year, outnumbering the amount of returning athletes.

We were interested in learning a little bit more about the athletes, where they’re from, and what value they feel they add on the court.

Women’s Team:

Martina Mason:

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Position: Point guard

Biggest strength: Creating opportunity for others

Anna Cook:

Hometown: Anacortes, Washington

Position: Point guard/forward

Biggest strength: Hustle, and ability to stay calm in stressful situations

Shakayla Thomas:

Hometown: Ahousaht, BC

Position: Guard

Biggest strength: Defensive play

Men’s Team:

Austin Ly:

Hometown: Surrey, BC

Position: Point guard

Biggest strength: Ball handling

Kenneth Monture:

Hometown: Terrace, BC

Position: Forward and center

Biggest strength: Rebounding and shooting

Payton Tirrell:

Hometown: Woodinville, Washington

Position: Guard

Biggest strength: Defensive play

Benjamin Steinbrueck

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Position: Point guard

Biggest strength: Tapping into multiple elements of the game

Emilio Gonzalez-Ruiz

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Position: Shooting guard

Biggest Strength: Shooting ability

Walker Reynolds-Royer

Declined to comment

Speaking on behalf of both the men’s and women’s basketball programs, Van Samang’s biggest point was the crowd atmosphere, and how important he feels it is for students to come out and watch home games. The desire for the basketball teams is to make the games a big community event, and the only way to do that is to pack the gym and get it raucous and loud.The next set of home games won’t be until January, so students should be eager to support the team upon their return in the New Year.

Coach Alex Transcription:

P: On the record. So let me just double check on what I actually emailed you. I think one of the first questions I asked though was, “what advantages do you see the Quest men’s team having this year over other teams? Where do you feel like they’re strong?”

A: Well the Quest community allows us to be together more than the other teams do. We can also have our dinners together, the guys are on campus together, weight training together, where everybody else is pretty much goin home. So whatever advantage they might have in terms of skill, we have so much more because we know each other so much better.

P: Do you feel like the chemistry is better then?

A: Ya thats right. I mean the whole Quest community, it’s about chemistry right? So we definitely feel welcome here. Lots of these other universities the guys don’t feel like they’re a part of anything.

P: This is a huge group of incoming students, new guys to the team right? So how do you feel like that’s impacting the chemistry and how is the integration with the existing guys going?

A: Well they’re all good guys so if you’ve ever met them, they’re all nice guys, and they play well together. Everything is good. The only thing we want more is for more people to come watch us. They feel that they’re nice and they like everybody ere at the school so we want to make a big event of it you know?

P: Yeah totally, put on a good show. You guys came  off of a big home win this weekend right?

B: We played at CBC, which is Abbotsford, and we won that game by 1 point. We were down 10, and Chris McAlpine and Emilio Gonz, both of them hit a 3 pointer with under 2 minutes left to put them ahead. So make sure to put something in there about Emilio and Chris, and Ben Steunbruek. He’s our leader.

P: Ben’s a first year right?

A: He’s a first year but he’s also 21 years old from Shoreline comm college in Washington. He’s our point guard and leader.

P: I guess it sort of negates my question that I’d asked in the e-mail, but at the time I sent it the first two games you guys had lost. How do you feel like strategy/goals are shifting now coming off of the early-season losses?

A: A lot of the other teams have returning guys, and we have 1 or 2. As we keep playing we will get better. Those other teams, because they’re not together and they’re not like out community at quest., they’ve probably already peaked. We are hoping that as the year goes on we are going to get better and peak above what our first two weeknds were.

P: For sure. Is it home games this weekend? When can people see you guys next?

A: Home games this weekend but I think it’s block break, everyone is going home. We wish we could play in front of the fans, we love it when the gym is packed, but we get it people have to go home to their families.


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