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Student Access Grant Outcome Unclear

By Ian Greer and Oliver Rothenberg

During November 2016’s Community Update, former President Peter Englert and Executive Vice President I-Chant Chiang presented the Student Access Grant, a student-led fundraiser that aimed to provide twenty full scholarships to future incoming students. Quest stated that it would “match all funds raised, dollar for dollar,” over the duration of the fundraiser.

Until its closure in early 2017, the fundraiser brought in $18,836, raised by 21 donors. Since this time, however, Quest has made no public statement about where the money from the fundraiser has gone. The Grant is still mentioned on Quest’s website, however, you cannot donate directly to it.

The Mark reached out to CHIMP, the fundraising body that hosted the campaign on its website. A representative from CHIMP confirmed that the entire fund had been withdrawn by an administrator of the campaign—either James Martin or Leslie de Bie, who were both Quest staff at the time. [de Bie is no longer affiliated with Quest, and Martin’s current title is Executive Communications Officer.]

The Mark reached out to James Martin for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

In the Fireside Chat held on November 6 with President George Iwama, students asked about the state of the fundraiser. Iwama said, at this point, that he was “learning about it for the first time.” Iwama was not affiliated with Quest over the duration of the fundraiser.

According to CHIMP’s website, the purpose of the Student Access Grant was to “support diversity & equity by bringing students with demonstrated need to Quest University Canada.”

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