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Hot or Not February 2018

If you missed it, no need to worry! Hot or not offers a comprehensive review to the best (and worst) new trends of spring 2018.

Making your own pizza

Our vote: HOT

Homemade pizza was a common theme around campus this month. Our very own president George Iwama was even seen making pizza at a floor event in Ossa! So grab some dough, sauce, cheese and your leftover veggies and hop on this bandwagon.

The sun makes a comeback!

Our vote: HOT

You guessed it! The sun is back in business this spring bringing a whole new set of fresh trends (see the following)

Sandals WITHOUT socks

Our vote: HOT

Let your toes drink sweet freedom.

Floor Reps

Our vote: HOT

Coffee before class? Crumby Mondays? Harry Potter trolley? Movie night in Whistler?  Floor reps are taking the spotlight this spring.

The new SRC

Our vote: HOT

Is quite literally in this spring. Voting is also HOT in 2018.

Bar soap in the shower

Our vote: NOT

There is no point in having so many kinds of soap. They are all the same. Bar soap is unnecessary and sticky and dissolves in the shower corner. Just use shampoo.

Leaving dishes around campus

Our vote: NOT

Definitely not trendy this spring. Let’s keep things fresh.

Leaving clothes in the dryer indefinitely

Our vote: NOT

Welcome to having your clothes left on the floor!

The poop bandit

Our vote: NOT

Thank you to Elise’s secret kermode for buying her a new lawn chair… and no thank you to the poop bandit for his/her/their special present.

Seasonal Allergies

Our vote: NOT

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, noses are running… My eyes are red from weeds, but not in the way you might hope.

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