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A Resolution to Include Student, Faculty, Alumni, and Staff as Members on Quest’s Board of Governors

The SRC has released a resolution demanding that Quest’s Board of Governors amend their working bylaws such that they require membership from a student, faculty, staff, and alumni on the board. The Mark considers this resolution an important step towards greater transparency, accountability, and collaboration in the governance of the school. We endorse it fully.

— The Mark Masthead

Stepping into the Weft: Where does the Artist Fit?

It’s dawn. Moments ago, it was so dark my face stared back at me in the glass of the window, and the fire was roaring to warm this place from near-freezing so that my fingers could write. Now, the fire is banked to a glow and the pines outside are gray lines out of an almost-orange ground, their needles almost-green. Here there is a river, and a decrepit bridge that connects this place to the town. The town is not much more than a hardware shop, grocery store and café. It’s one of those vibrant tiny places that you don’t want to question the existence of too much. Here, between the Wenatchee River and Natapoc ridge, artists live and gather. Two summers ago, at the start of the exploration of my Question, I came here to the Grunewald Guild as a studio management intern to explore what life in a community of artists might be like. Now I work there as a member of its staff. During that first summer, I sat down with 11 …