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Top 10 Strategies to Impersonate a “Normal” University Student

Our glorious university provides us with many privileges and countless possibilities compared to the students from their ‘basic’ universities. Yet when one descends from their mountain tops to the commoners, one can find oneself in a pickle: how to impersonate a “normal” university student. Due to our revolutionary thinking and teachings, we have transcended common understanding. To avoid potential suspicion, we provide you with some essential advice on how to pretend to be a completely normal university student and keep our university environment safe from the unworthy. Do not forget to blink We are trained to absorb information from all of our senses, and beyond. Hours of night training in the art of staring at dank memes can impede our blinking ability. We understand that closing our eyes for a fraction of a second could cause us to miss valuable information, as any information deserves to be accepted equally amongst all our senses, but commoners do not understand that. They do not think that auditory and olfactory information are as important as visual information, hence …

Re: the ‘Art Walk’ article, published in the Arts & Culture section for the December 2017 issue of the Mark

I write to the Mark Masthead to express some issues found within an article recently published in your December 2017 issue. The article, Art Walk, presented several issues which I will address point by point. I am not sure if this article is an example of a lack of poor reporting or a misunderstanding of what the Arts Walk stood for, but regardless the Arts Walk was the first ever of its kind at Quest and deserved an article that did it justice, while also connecting the meaning behind the event to a larger discussion about what the current geography of the arts are at Quest. A simple starting point is the misspelled title of the article and event itself that is consistent throughout the article. ‘Art Walk’ was not the name of the event, ‘Arts Walk’ was the running name of the event. The arts space coordinators agreed on a plural form of ‘art’ to encompass the many forms of art that are present and experienced here at Quest. Amidst a few other incorrect …

Destination Quest: Can’t Complain Unless You Show Up

Hey, fast fact – Amongst all those emails we got sent about Destination Quest, did you know that its primary goal is to “[move] from [a] conceptual statement to a concrete description of what Quest will look like, 5 years hence, as we manifest that Vision, embody our Mission, and aspire to put our Values into practice”? Sounds like a big deal to us.