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Destination Quest: Can’t Complain Unless You Show Up

Hey, fast fact – Amongst all those emails we got sent about Destination Quest, did you know that its primary goal is to “[move] from [a] conceptual statement to a concrete description of what Quest will look like, 5 years hence, as we manifest that Vision, embody our Mission, and aspire to put our Values into practice”? Sounds like a big deal to us.

Overview of Quest’s 2017 Litigations

By Elijah Cetas, Ian Greer, and Oliver Rothenberg Over the course of this year, Quest has been involved in two lawsuits: one, with a trio of foundations, as plaintiffs against the District of Squamish; one, as defendants, against former Quest President Peter Englert. The Mark has conducted research on these two lawsuits in an attempt to understand more about their impacts on the University. Quest University Canada Against Peter Englert During January 2017’s Community Update, former president Dr. Peter Englert spoke about his ambitions for future developments at Quest. He asserted that, if everything went according to plan, Quest would be building new residences by April of that year. “When you see the first crane go up here, you’ll know we’ve been successful,” he said at the meeting. However, by the end of the school year, no construction was taking place. On May 7th, Quest’s Board of Governors terminated Englert’s employment, effective immediately. The Board released a statement to the public and the student body announcing his termination, but did not explain this decision. On …